Across the Dead Valley

It was out across the dead valley

Engines grinding against the strain

Blue smoke released to trace the movement of the air

Leaving behind clues to its own existence

And it was tunneling ahead into the face of a mountain

Carving a road that none but it would ever travel

Deeper into rock, hoping to find a far side

Some place not like the valley it had left

And it filled me with something like sadness

Standing among ruins across the valley

I watched it go, the blue smoke

The scattering dust that meant progress

And it never looked back, and even barely forward

Digging to find a way while creating its own

Sinking beyond all hope of return

But far from any desire for it

And it left a world above, blinded by the sun

Abandoned to devour itself in raging winds

That come roaring over the mountaintops

To greet me as the last of old friends

Well, here it is—the last post of 2019. Hope you enjoy it, and hope everyone has a fantastic time ringing in the New Year!

Lately I’ve been less than happy with the formatting of my posts. About a month ago I think WordPress made some updates to post formatting, and it kind of screwed up the way I usually did things. Since it’s New Year’s I’ve decided to embrace it, so expect to see some changes to the overall look of The Light is On coming soon!

Image by Johannes Plenio from Pixabay

11 responses to “Across the Dead Valley”

  1. Great post! If your postscript is referring to wordpress messing up verse blocks, I’m equally frustrated. They told me they were working on a fix (their change accidentally strips all newline characters from verse blocks when they publish, making verse blocks useless). No fix yet. I started creating images of my poems and then uploading the images. Anyway, nice job!

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    • That’s exactly what I was referring to. My issue was that the site theme I was using didn’t really jive with verse blocks, so I would write everything in a verse and then transform it to a paragraph block. Now, when it becomes a paragraph block all of the line breaks are gone, meaning I have to make each line its own paragraph. Glad to hear they’re working on a fix!

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  2. The experience that is the mountian top…that is where I know you when you’re not taking care of something necessary…2020 vision a top the mountian is interesting. See you seeing there.

    Oh…Do you have a platform for writing words that remind you of supreme states of being? I look around for people who could do that and you could, but it might not coalesce with the different emotion here. Just something I contemplate about. Take it easy.


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