Descent through Soundproof Shadow

She paid the ferryman with a gold coin and a lingering glance No other passengers waited to board So he pushed back from the dock into the current Sweeping down to tunnels through the red cliffs And lights deep within of something almost like a city.

Goodbye Space Ranger

The massive engines roared to life beneath him, and Silas forgot for a moment all of the black thoughts that had urged him to this point. There was only awe in his heart, and every physical sensation was melting together with the engine, his whole body joining with the metal monster in its great leap toward the sky.

The Moon Watches Over Us

I was distracted by the moon when voices fell like rain And brought me back from the light beyond that distant window Your smile an anchor in storm-tossed seas Hands that calm the fire for now...


Point the way to paradise The long road through sunlight. A call in the night of silence Lights the darkness with thought of terror

Desert Rain

Masses swept up in a frenzy of feeling Words forgotten, or whispered on the edge of touch Sensation a ruler over the valley walked in shadow


I’m supposed to write a poem about beginnings, and I can’t think of how to start it. Irony is not dead.

Like Us

The world is cold and dark with pockets of warmthNot the other way around.Like a city in winter—darkness filling in cracks betweenInsulated apartments, thick-paned windows to keep out the nightWhere hunger dwells.But the night must sometimes be braved.To live always in warmth is to be helpless when the cold comesWhen journeys are completed, or failed,Retreat... Continue Reading →

The Long Road

Blue fades to black and a sparkle of moonlightHold me close and tell me we made itBreathe eternity and listen to the song of timeWhile home collects new dust that will never be cleared away.Our road ended when it reached the starsBut our journey has not yet begun.Now memory is a racing heartbeatA shudder at... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Horizon

That horizon I have always knownBeyond which lies my questHidden by impenetrable sandsDevours my light and gives back noneI have tried to gain the upper landsSent back the days passed in dusty lightUrged on by song I cannot knowThe aching surge of longing from a thousand heartsWho mourn my passingBut did not celebrate my birth.... Continue Reading →


How fair the folkWho dwell beneath twisted branch and gentle breezeBreathing song of deeds in ages lost to memoryLiving past lives in forest shadeBeckoning to adventurers: “Come rest.Lay your weary bones upon our bedsDrink nourishment from cup of gold and pearlEat well and forget the road ahead For dark and perilous is the wayAnd here... Continue Reading →

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