Midnight Things

Wake to a world that raves at its own reflection

And listen to the lies it tells

Midnight things that almost make sense

But fade away with the morning and leave you

Standing on a golden road to dawn

Watching the place where the shadows crept through

To drag innocence back into the night

Something important died in this place

And now it lies hidden far below

Where the rain gathers after it falls

And all we discarded waits to be reclaimed

Waits for the moment our hands remember what they held

When the last day dawns red over the world

And all memory of night fades away with the shadows

Kinda been on a supernatural bender the past few days, reading and watching stories about strange occurrences, haunted places, etc. I want to believe in it all, mostly because it would just be more interesting than if it’s all fake, but I need to see hard evidence myself…

6 responses to “Midnight Things”

  1. Well I think the supernatural is a viability if you start with your interior experience. There’s something to what the yogis of the East practice. But the revelations they have tend to be what Western people dismiss as psychotic. It’s a cultural difference between East and West. In our own society, visions of the supernatural are less acceptable. You may like the works of Mircea Eliade on religion and yoga. Also Joseph Campbell on mythology. This stuff is not fake but rather scholarly and valid.

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  2. You’re right about the world being a more interesting place if those things are true. I’m not saying they’re not true but confirmation of that supernatural phenomena would call into question our foundational understanding and beliefs about what really is. Rather than opening minds, it may cause further entrenchment, fear and suspicion of others.
    I’m open to the possibility, or likelihood, that there are things that lie beyond our capacity to see or understand. That may change with time but for now, those glimpses of other are not compatible with our current reality.
    I don’t put much stock in most of the stories I hear about strange encounters, the tellers usually lack credibility, or are too earnest. I’ve listened to people I know who experienced strange things. I’ve looked into their eyes, watched their body language, and I know something real happened even if it sounded unbelievable. I just hasn’t happened to me.

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    • Interesting, I hadn’t thought of proof causing even more entrenchment. It makes sense though—even if a million people share an unexplainable experience, there will always be some outside the million who call them all liars.

      You’ve captured essentially how I feel. I’ve had friends and acquaintances tell me stories of their own strange experiences, from which they stand to gain nothing of value by lying. I don’t doubt that they experienced something which they couldn’t explain, but I can’t bring myself to fully believe in the supernatural until I experience it myself…


      • In order to do that, you would need only drop acid or maybe take a big dose of L dopa..

        I say this because psychosis is said to be caused by excessive dopamine transmission in the limbic system of the brain. Everybody has varying levels of dopamine inherently. If you manipulate them, then you may experience what we call the supernatural.

        Just an idea.

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      • The ones that do believe will smile and discuss the evidence.
        The ones that say they believe will try to convince you they believe.
        The ones that can’t believe are will shake their heads and walk away.
        The ones that won’t believe will cause you grief,
        As will the ones who must believe.
        I have more thoughts on this but am out of time right now. Suffice it to say that the Uncertainty Principle, observation influencing the observed, etc is where my thoughts bend.

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