A Story on Blank Pages

Looking back through a book’s blank pages To find the story we wrote together I found that day we set off in search of something On a journey across the desert to kill a man...

King in Chains

The world comes through as reflections on glass And I wonder what those on the other side see If anyone exists in the room beyond the window Longing as I do to step off the ledge...

Little One

Little one at the edge of Moon Lake Eyes cast upon the surface Hand grasping at wisps of fog That roll translucent out of the dark waters


Living behind glass, or etched into its surface Clouds heavy with rain roll across a sky streaked with pink

Lakeside Waltz

The trees are barren,Whispering in the breezeOf a winter's night.Upon the lake a dockAnd two wraiths Clad in shadows.Reflections of a thousand lives Ripple on the water Around them.No thought for the lostWho wander in the darkSearching for hopeAmong the stars,The lovers danceAwash in timeDrifting in the space Between worlds Original Photograph

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