A City Made From Ashes

Scars cut deep by the witching blade

spell out the rites of sacrifice

made to what beast may watch from the shadows

waiting for a time of eldritch reign

Brought to the edge of salvation and away again

searching for some new high to bridge the gap

this one soul takes hold of unknowable fire

and does not burn

but sends out embers to fall upon the eaves

small fires unnoticed by the undead souls

of a city made from ashes

built upon the bones of that watching beast

as it crawls inexorably toward Armageddon

Despite the fact that my shelf is completely full and I already have an overflow stack of books on my coffee table, I still managed to come back to Denver with more than I had when I left… I don’t have a problem.

Photo by energepic.com from Pexels

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