Waiting at the Edge

In the hollow place a desert gathered

and scores of the weary gazed across the sand

to the far side secrets of the horizon

waiting at the edge of fire for a sign

Some message from the dunes to guide them across

Then from the sky came roaring thunder

the heavens broke open and bled rain upon the land

and forward went the masses into desolation

under torrents of life to which they must cling

their eyes always on that distant horizon

each with a seedling raised to the weeping sky

Is there any one musician who has had a profound impact on your life? For me I think it would have to be David Gilmour.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

7 thoughts on “Waiting at the Edge”

    1. I still remember the first time I heard Rush. I was sifting through a box of my dad’s old records and found A Farewell to Kings. Still think that cover art is one of the best ever made for an album. Popped it on and the title track blew me away. I’d never heard music like that before.


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