City Lights

City lights out to the freefall edge

down to the blackwater and an eternity of silence

wandering across the salted fields

and planting seeds with high hopes for the harvest

Only the strongest will grow here

tearing life away from the earth

taking more and more as the sky comes near to the roots

and the canopy spreads as a blanket for the stars

Moss beds catch those who fall from the edge

and offer a quiet place to sleep beneath the trees

through night and day without desire to wake

Then the rains will come, falling against their skin

and their bodies will stir—the awakening

eyes open again to see out to the forest edge

and down to the ground where the salt is dissolving

carried away by rivers out to sea

leaving behind whispers of new life beneath the trees

No relation to the Charlie Chaplin film…

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash 

5 responses to “City Lights”

  1. I appreciate the canopy catch and the moss bed images as well as the image of lying around at peace without anything necessary to do. The awakening is also celebratory. It is so nice when you see that happen throughout someone’s whole body and environment as one. I am someone infatuated with unity.

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