Down to the River

Mist off the surface of the river is a cloak Over the backs of we who walk among the trees Joy is our song this day of glory Light and darkness dance together as one...

Over the Chasm

Things fall apart at the edges, and on approach Distortion in our vision spreads like cracks on pavement Under that splintering bridge lives a prophet...

Walk Among the Pines

Eyes unblinking in the hollow of a tree Dead branches reaching out to me Inside the dusk that breathes through the forest. Walk among the pines, light like raindrops on silver needles A nectar not of the gods, forsaken long ago

Lights in the Trees

The lights in the trees hang higher now Soft thrills glow warmly within A song of the night approaching slow Cosmic footsteps unsure of what lies ahead


Campfires aren’t allowed here So I’m huddled beside a tiny stove A single blue flame for warmth, a headlamp for light, And the black wall of a wild forest Like a wave waiting to crash over me.


Treetops reach up out of scattered poisons on the forest floor Refuse and rejects left behind from a picnic in foreign sunlight Lying unclaimed on earth that cannot bear its weight

Bridge in the Woods

Far off beyond golden fieldsThe irrigation ditch begins its life as a springThen bubbles down a rocky slope to unspool into a ribbon stream.Wildwood and brambles grow alongsideChoking the Earth for a chance to drink.A man stands on the stream bank, seeking to cross.He watches the spun glass ripples of stream over rock bedImagines the... Continue Reading →

Two Point Creek

               Quiet footsteps and hushed voices passed down our street, knocking gently on doors, afraid to break the sleepy peace within. Behind them followed a wake of dread that settled like cement into the heart of anyone who heard the news.                “Been there a few days…”                “Just barely started to rust…”                “Looks... Continue Reading →

A Thin Ocean

A world passes by in refracted blurs of color and shadowThis world I inhabit, from which I seek shelterGlass and metal keep out the rain that I love to watch but not feelThe branches high overhead an imperfect rooftop, an old house with rafters full of holesMuted gray light pooling in the spaces between the... Continue Reading →

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