Our Fatal Journey

Arise with me and walk the rain-starved lands

surrounded on our fatal journey

by phantoms fallen from the stars

Have the winds whispered in your ear

of all that hides within the sandstorm?

It might tell of roads carved in the cracking earth

by the passing of a god long lost to time

Or was it a man?

Still, from the north our memories come calling

a pleading from the mouth of what we sacrificed

longing to burn again in this land of swift consumption

Here we walk with bloody hands extended upward

to a sky that swallows every careless prayer

and casts it out to burn away in distant realms of ash

Been watching the documentary Our Planet on Netflix. Breathtaking images of the natural world, and solemn reminders of what we must protect.

Photo by Elina Krima from Pexels

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