An End to Exile

This hallucination tells me I’ve been here before

something from the shadows creeping toward me

an old friend, or a lost spirit

bringing with it trails of light and color

so much like the sunset I watched melt into the sea

when the wind lay still and the horizon slept among the stars

It was a lullaby sung by a voice in the sky

a magic spell that gripped my mind

and cast it out to the senseless depths

Too far to ever truly return

Far enough that I may never want to

Here sleeps the catalyst that will cleanse the world

where the currents flow in carousel rivers

through the veins of a drowned land

and beside it the first soul to witness retribution

stares up at a distant surface of moving glass

trapped beneath fallen beams of light

and waiting longingly for an end to exile

As I said in my post yesterday, I read some poems at an open mic for the first time last night. It was a great time! The snow had been coming down hard all day, so there weren’t a ton of people there, which made it more of a cozy gathering than a formal event. Everyone was supportive of everyone else, and appreciative of all the good work that was shared. Definitely going to start doing it more often. Thanks to the BookBar here in Denver for putting it on!

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