Skin Over Iron Bones

A cold city speaks of storybooks Cracks in the pavement spell out the final chapters Footsteps in the snow dotting i’s and crossing t’s A saga complete with no voice to read it aloud Yet heard by all who stop to listen.

Hold Fast the Gate

I’ve seen this back alley before In the haze of a dream world, though awake These blinding lights strike me as familiar Behind the door up ahead a staircase descends Into an underworld that awaits my return


We met at the crossroads Beneath a different moon Edges like water, the stars falling A constant rain of glittering dust Always beginning at the same place

Symphony of Two

This couch is our throne in shadowSeeping through the open windowsPooling on the carpet and hiding us from the world.It’s too easy to believe in evil at times like this.Melt with me into the nightAnd let us hope we disappear togetherLost to the world—or fleeing it.Who will chase us before the way back is closed?The... Continue Reading →

His First Audience

His first audience listens quietly as his soul spills onto the streetThe world breaks around their oasis and sweeps awayForgetting to carry them along with itSitting at the crossroads of two lives,Two struggles against the passing time,Two worlds caught beneath the weight of the largerGrinding against the millstoneShaped from rough edges into something newTwo bonded... Continue Reading →


Hands scarred and hardened with useStrike wood and metal to create steel magicCoaxing demon cries from the choking neckBending wails echo off marble ceilingsScreaming upward ever higher To pierce the veil and reign in new dayHeralded by thunder.A thousand kings march to slow deathPassing into shadow without care or thoughtSwept into the wash of timeAlready... Continue Reading →

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