Uncertain Things

For a moment our hands reached out into darkness

and it seemed we might take hold of something

hold it up to the light and say ‘we found it’

and the further we reached

the more we became certain we almost had it

close enough to feel wind out of the void

the ruins of its final resting place

but we drew back 

and brought nothing with us but the abyss

crawling in the wake of uncertain things

toward new multitudes ready to be swallowed

swaying together in waiting for the second coming

The eyes that echo visions of the faraway

and the voices that try so hard to drown out the rushing waters

Hope everyone is doing all right out there.

Photo by Pedro Sandrini from Pexels

5 responses to “Uncertain Things”

  1. I love this, not only the writing style and content, but also because my little girl has just started saying “I found it!” And it made me think of her sweet little exclamations 😄

    Well written!

    Liked by 1 person

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