Comfort of Darkness

When night falls, a prophet roams the streets And all who hear his voice close their doors, shutter their windows— Barricade against the call to arms The challenge of a mind that sees beyond the wall.

Master of Ruins

It was only for a breath that I saw you Your shadow passed behind some silhouetted appliance and was gone And the words I meant to say to you sprang out across the chasm With never an inkling chance that you would ever hear them...

World of New Shadow

I drew back the curtain and there was a face in the window Staring in at my life with unblinking apathy Night’s halo around that wide-eyed smile The mouth of a fiend; he looked like he might be lonely So I invited him inside for some company...

One Town Over

The street is lined with silent watchers A spectacle of starlight above and below the horizon Where their minds live, where their souls dream...

Hold Fast the Gate

I’ve seen this back alley before In the haze of a dream world, though awake These blinding lights strike me as familiar Behind the door up ahead a staircase descends Into an underworld that awaits my return

Red Robe

A red robe discarded, limp and empty on the marble floor The hand that dropped it rests atop a hidden altar And the voices of revellers echo through the halls Where fires once burned, but all is now dark


Campfires aren’t allowed here So I’m huddled beside a tiny stove A single blue flame for warmth, a headlamp for light, And the black wall of a wild forest Like a wave waiting to crash over me.

Darkening Day

When the shadow passed overhead, I despairedAlthough it wasn’t as painful as I’d hopedThere was no fanfare to announce its arrivalOnly a slow crawl toward emptiness as the fog grew thickNo warning sounded as the shades darkenedPassion fading to grey ink stains on a tattered membraneCracked shells of hatched memory scattered behind the curtainThis path... Continue Reading →

Symphony of Two

This couch is our throne in shadowSeeping through the open windowsPooling on the carpet and hiding us from the world.It’s too easy to believe in evil at times like this.Melt with me into the nightAnd let us hope we disappear togetherLost to the world—or fleeing it.Who will chase us before the way back is closed?The... Continue Reading →

Lights Out

There were people inside when the lights went out.The roads emptied, the world was still.Starlight whispered in the night— A million worlds in the depths of nothingWhere we were never meant to go.Find the way through, come back with light For those huddled in the darknessWho wait for the return of sweet air.Cold breath that... Continue Reading →

These Walls Breathe Silence

Come, do not yet go awayThese walls yearn to keep youThis house of comfort built against the nightWill be your haven through the seasonsDo not go out into the darknessKnowing not of the horror that lurksBut stay with me here in this warm houseWe need not fear the deep world beyondIt will soon fade into... Continue Reading →

Ritual By the Sea

When I came to the cove, I knew it immediately as the place I sought. The wind that had battled my advance across the open sea died as I brought my boat around the outcropping of rock that formed the entrance to the small harbor. I did not need to look at the aged photograph... Continue Reading →

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