Shadow Over Heaven

Measured and still at the edge of a last moment

in a millenium passing monstrous over heaven

a beast that cannot feel the world beneath its feet

marching with the stars beyond the void—

know it, and know the depths to which fear can go

on fever dream journeys down the mountainside

constructed out of stone delusions and memory

into the valley that waits to swallow us

The woodland we once escaped

vowing never to look behind us at the horror

But now true horror walks the sky

too close to the summit we longed to reach

and so, so far from the forest edge

the woodland echoes of something familiar

waiting in the deep and calling to the sky

I found a feed of live satellite images of the Earth, and had it cycle around the globe. Helps in uncertain times to remember that we live on a big rock hurtling through space. We’re all connected to the same thing, and we’re all moving in the same direction.

Photo by Lorenzo Spoleti on Unsplash

12 responses to “Shadow Over Heaven”

  1. I agree that we are all connected. Remembering that helps to stay calm and know even if the media doesn’t portray it doesn’t mean every day someone isn’t going through a tragedy.

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