Shadows in the Corner

Between fountains of light a well of darkness

nightfall pouring into abyssal depths

death in the air, roots of it reaching out

to grip the mind, the soul, the memory

Shadows in the corner, smiling

beckoning to a wayward consciousness

Stay with us and be lost

here where the light cannot blind

where doors open onto staircases

always descending

where darkness is a comfort

and time flows far away

Can’t believe March is almost over. It’s like it disappeared.

Photo by Mike Ralph from Pexels

4 responses to “Shadows in the Corner”

  1. Great work MDR!
    The way you write, and the subject matter, always makes me explore the alternative message in the piece, to deconstruct and reassemble the pieces. It’s echo, so to speak, only twisted 180 and coming back from a different direction, sometimes equally dark other times in counterpoint. This one was no exception and prompted me to add another poem to my notebook.

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