Beyond the Reach of Moonlight

Secrets pass through these halls

darkened by this night of waiting

Words spoken only in glances

our eyes touched by a strange fire

and our hearts already set aflame

swept up by the wind and carried away

to fall on desolation and turn the world to ash

nothing more given than every word that can be spoken

every movement in darkness lost

beyond the reach of moonlight

This pit we cast ourselves into

away from the gaze of immortal eyes

here they will find a well of lost time

and draw out measures of paradise

We are already gone away, drunk on it

far below the surface of the aether 

where falling stars fade to black and die

This glorious tower we put so much faith in has turned out to be a lot more unstable than I expected.

Photo by Mike Palmowski on Unsplash

8 responses to “Beyond the Reach of Moonlight”

  1. See, you did it again! Another one in the notebook. I like the connection of this and your last one. Thank you for your interest, I like to respond with poetry where appropriate.
    I just read an article published in Scientific American that came up on my feed. It’s about quantum mechanics and the nature of reality. I’m including the address if you’re interested in reading it. I don’t pretend to fully grasp whats presented, but I think there may be more, or less, to the cat, or some other material thing, that is in, or not in, the box, or some other container. Here it is , or is it?

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      • Perhaps, as it seems to suggest, that we are the foundation, expression, and arbiter of QM. Your observation creates my observation, causing all other possibilities, prior to your observation, to be irrelevant, or rather, non-existent in the current conscious/material matrix.
        What the *#$% did I just say???
        In other words, we’re all living the dream, the same disputable but agreed upon dream.
        My brain hurts now.

        All hail the power of positive thinking!

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      • I watched a video once about how open world video games only generate the part of the world that the player’s POV can see at any given time, and saves the rest until it’s needed to be loaded. I don’t know if there’s any connection at all, but it’s fun to think about! Cheers Tim! (:


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