Breathe in and taste what’s always there

wrapped around us like a second atmosphere

woven into thought and breath and choking sob

and the charge flowing through rivers to the sky

like it needs the stars to live

and maybe it does

but the tether snapped and they floated away

and now only a fine dust over blackness

they watch and they long to return

or just maybe wish they never left

Now the sky is alive with its dying

rivers run backward through lands of thirst

and there’s a sense of rebirth almost here

just past the dark, just beyond the light

just upstream not quite far enough

to make swimming against it seem impossible

Even when I have nothing to do, time slips away. Another week down.

Image by Johannes Plenio: from Pixabay

6 responses to “Renaissance”

  1. Hi Mitchel – Beautiful poem! “Now the sky is alive with it’s dying” – very captivating! Thanks for sharing your talent! The picture is absolutely stunning as well! Stay well. Be blessed. Kindly, Tanya – Divinely Bipolar

    Liked by 1 person

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