Descent through Soundproof Shadow

She paid the ferryman with a gold coin and a lingering glance No other passengers waited to board So he pushed back from the dock into the current Sweeping down to tunnels through the red cliffs And lights deep within of something almost like a city.

Bridge in the Woods

Far off beyond golden fieldsThe irrigation ditch begins its life as a springThen bubbles down a rocky slope to unspool into a ribbon stream.Wildwood and brambles grow alongsideChoking the Earth for a chance to drink.A man stands on the stream bank, seeking to cross.He watches the spun glass ripples of stream over rock bedImagines the... Continue Reading →

The River

The walls close in, distorted, Funneling me toward a door That separates my soul from the divine. Through the keyhole lies a world Whose edges fade into the space Between truth and lies. A river of grief flows among the brambles, Scorching its way across a blackened plain. It’s arms scrape meaning From dirt that... Continue Reading →

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