The Moon Obscured

Ice on skin exposed to night

calling to the sky, the moon obscured

begging it to crumble away

expose something else behind

Some kind of voice of reason and so forth

except maybe I should be digging

Forget the taste of fresh air in summer— 

been so long since I tasted it anyway

It’s only an ocean of fire below

it can’t be any worse than suffocation

That’s what it is out here

slow choking on salt of tidal waves that never stop

barely a breath before they drag you under

So might as well forget the surface

and learn to hold your breath forever

I remember swimming at Big Beach in Maui. I was out in the water, running up against the waves coming in. One of them I underestimated, and it dragged me down across the sand for what felt like an eternity before I was able to come up for air. Nobody saw it happen, so I guess it’s lucky I wasn’t dragged out the other way.

Image by Momentmal from Pixabay

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