Walking through the closed in places

the wilderness breathes me in

A thousand roads across the borderlands

into deepest night and dreams of bliss

The air speaks in its silent way

and I listen with more than my ears

a soul open to waiting depths

and only vague dreams of ever returning

Less a memory of something waiting there

than iron teeth longing to bite

devour and cast away the fragments of a soul

Here where the air is always cool

and wind is the breath of all things

here is the last wall between light and dark

and somewhere along its stone face, waiting

is a doorway through to shadow

unlocked and ready for a hand to open it

Photo by chiranjeeb mitra on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Wilderness”

  1. “here is the last wall between light and dark
    and somewhere along its stone face, waiting
    is a doorway through to shadow
    unlocked and ready for a hand to open it” David this is so beautifully crafted. I love the vivid images – a lovely extension of your last work. Every line is worth a mention. I had to copy and paste the ending it is just so perfectly done. These two works could work themselves into a great short story. Love and hugs David. I am glad you made it home safely. Love to you Joni 🌸🌺💕

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  2. Hallelujah. This is intereting to me. So I have done something with it if you don’t mind.

    I have taken the poem and understood it (interpreted it) from the position of God as Always (Always communicating about what is happening now). What is next here is an example that shows the chemistry of writing lines purposed to causes the co-occurring experience happening together with the speech lines of your poetry. People get this provided to them in a way that most are not aware when they read or hear anything.

    Here we go line by line with colons in between:

    I am participating in something interesting: everything is understanding Me: everything is related: there is something happening that always happens: people are praising Me: I understand at all places: I am doing what I always do: there is nothing else I am aware to: there is something happening unacceptable: I am understanding hatred: hatred for what is not whole: understand something interesting: I am everything: everything is coming together: there is something you can participate in: understand something completely: I am providing everything:

    I hope this is understandable. It is wonderful to participate here with you. Trudy

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      1. You have a wonderful relating ability with people. Thank you for your reply. There are people around me who can not understand me. Mostly, I speak the way I write… 🙂 You deserve to do something interesting.

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