Slash and Burn

The great forest fell to slash and burn

and we gathered on a barren hillside

to watch industry in the distance

pillaging shadows in search of existence

and feeding their control to the mouths of pigs

Then let slip the dogs of revolution

on fallow fields between night and a deeper darkness

racing onward to catch up to the sun

which rose and fell so long ago

and waits now in a sea of maybes and goodbyes

just over the last horizon

40,000,000 unemployed means a LOT of people have time on their hands they normally wouldn’t. These protests are going to last a while. Stay safe, everyone.

Photo by Antonio DIllard from Pexels

10 responses to “Slash and Burn”

    • It was very painful to see it in a city I love so much. I took heart in what happened the next morning, the volunteers cleaning the streets and fixing some of the damage. There is good to find in the midst of all the bad. I can’t imagine what riots will happen if justice isn’t fully served.


      • I was just now watching footage of the clean up–made me cry happy tears, after last night’s overwhelming grief. Even families came out to clean graffiti–setting a great example for kids of what the right response should be. I sure can’t predict the future…but I share your feelings of “can’t imagine what will happen if justice isn’t fully served”.

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  1. The sun and the symbolism (related ideas) with it are interesting. I see it written about in your last two poems.

    Related to the changing world: There is a lot going on to either relate people to what they can keep doing or depreciate their existence. You don’t have to get along with anyone who cant’ do what they know how to do.

    May you have a remarkable day. As Always, Trudy

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