Murky Waters

That night after the terror faded

and left behind this grey empty dread

this catatonia with eyes wide

and hands grasping at the fabric of memory

as though it might once more tear open,

there was music from nowhere

Like a needle through flesh 

threading it all back together

piece by piece into a song of murky waters

deeper as the sky stoops to take a sip

and out of starlight come tumbling all the secrets

kept waiting for this chance to break free

to fly wild over the still Earth

holding its breath between nightmares

and whispering, whispering

that the end lies just ahead 

Any picks for best movie of the last 10 years? Mine might have to be Sicario (2015) though admittedly I haven’t seen a whole lot of recent movies. In fact, of last year’s Oscar picks the only one I’d seen at the time of the awards was The Irishman. Midsommar (2019) is right up there at the top as well.

One response to “Murky Waters”

  1. I love your ”song of murky waters”! ✨👏

    ~The best movie of the decade for me is Celine Sciamma’s ”Portrait de la jeune fille en feu”! I wrote a review about it on my website. ~


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