Light a Fire

Sit still, quiet


and stare straight ahead

Even if the wall seems built miles high

a door is waiting to open

Light a fire and the smoke may reveal it

clarity out of acrid breath of ash

in lungs that will know what it is

to taste fresh air on the other side

From stillness comes the solar storm

and a world on fire falling from great heights

to lie among the cinders

never too low to build again

and maybe this time stand with the rising tide

not swept away, but set against the mountains left to die

ready to use their summits as stepping stones to the sky

Seattle is NOT under control of violent leftists. If the media is telling you otherwise, you are being lied to. There are videos all over the internet of the peaceful, community-driven positivity that is taking place in Capitol Hill right now. No one there is under the impression that it will stay this way forever, but this shows that reform from the ground up is possible.

One of the great tragedies of the disinformation age is the complete inability of wide swaths of the population to comprehend nuance. At least, that’s my opinion. Believe what you want—but I don’t think beliefs should be the sole constitution of a person’s identity.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

14 responses to “Light a Fire”

  1. David this is so beautifully written. “clarity out of acrid breath of ash
    in lungs that will know what it is
    to taste fresh air on the other side”
    There is always hope! David I also love the artwork you chose too. Your comment reminds me of the earthquake of almost twenty years ago. The media kept showing this one brick building from the side which had a lot of bricks laying in a heap. You would have thought all of Seattle was in shambles. I was working in the Rainer Tower at the time very high up watching two guys who had been cleaning windows on another sky scrapers when it happened. Getting home on the bus took forever but I saw very little damage. You make an excellent point my friend. Have an amazing day. Love to you and yours. 🌺❤️Joni

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    • Thank you Joni! And I have only a vague memory of that earthquake. I was pretty young, but I remember a picture falling off the wall and my mom pulling me under a door frame to huddle for safety until it was over. It hits so much closer to home when it’s our city being slandered, you know?

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  2. Hi Mitch,

    I have contemplated about your comments and find them interesting to write something about.

    What I have understood is that we should pay attention to the changes (nuances in the environment around us, people and things) and when things start changing we are to do something different to attach to what is continuable until there is nothing different left to do. With this, then complete, the experience is peace and also joy again and again in the participation with Knowledge/Wisdom.

    Belief is a difficult word because it has all mixed in with it the state that is doubt and that doubt is not at peace and creates hardship/problems/chaos. The fact of the matter is, however, that all we really are is what we understand which is an agreeable word. There is something we understand about sight and sounds moment to moment and that makes up who we are where we know ourselves conscious. The objective is to understand complete, and as a result experience complete and be doing nothing other than what is agreeable participating at good and appreciable interest.

    Thanks for the contemplation. Trudy

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