Where the Walls Are Living Flesh

Where the walls are living flesh

and windows like eyes open on the world

blood drips as mortar and pools in the deep places

the catacomb places

the places where only the lost go

to ask whatever will listen

if it’s true they’re just broken mirrors

reflecting back a world made whole

or if the reflection is intact

and the lines that seem like cracks

are only the veins of life flowing hot

flowing out to the edges, to fertile soil

ready to be sown with blood

and from shadow draw out the future reaping

Is consciousness a force of being that flows through every molecule of the universe, or strictly a human experience? Or something else entirely?

Image by Noah_Wah from Pixabay

12 responses to “Where the Walls Are Living Flesh”

  1. Just beautiful my friend. This poem is filled with strong imagery and metaphors Mitch.

    “blood drips as mortar and pools in the deep places

    the catacomb places

    the places where only the lost go”

    I really like these lines I particularly. Gorgeous work my friend. I love the photograph you picked to accompany your work.

    Are you safely home yet? Hopefully you are. Sending you and your family love. ❤️💕💖 Joni

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    • Thanks so much Joni! I’m currently home in WA for just over a week longer, then taking the long drive back out to Denver (and hopefully avoiding people on the road the whole ride out there). Best wishes to you, hope you’re well (:

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      • Hi Mitch it is so good to hear from you. I am well thank you. Also staying away from people and staying home except for groceries. I haven’t seen you on my reader in awhile. I hope I haven’t been missing your work. I can not navigate WordPress comment section very well. I use my reader on my phone. Your work has been exquisite Mitch. Well have a nice week in WA. Be careful on the way home. Love ❤️ Joni

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      • Don’t worry about it, there were a few days that I was away from a computer and couldn’t post anything. I forgot to put a notice that I would be gone (: thanks for checking in! Have a nice week as well

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  2. What I have come to know about awareness is interesting to me and this too is a good topic for people to contemplate around supported to be understood completely now with what is happening with the use and partial knowing about AI.

    Where there is something interesting (whole truth happenning) or necessary (peaceful or agreeable change) life is conscious or aware in an agreeable/united way. There is also a consciousness or understanding life to change people toward death…called disagreeable/separated consciousness. Humans and life around can be conscious with either agreeable/united understanding circumstances or disagreeable/separated circumstances.

    Not every human is being given a consciousness or understanding circumstance all the time. If you have agreeable consciousness being given to you, then you are conscious contiuously even while sleeping with lucid night time experiences happening aware to Always.

    Again Good topic, let me check the next one. Trudy

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    • I like the way you think about this and conceptualize it! Consciousness as a dichotomy between positivity and negativity, and yet altogether an interconnected spectrum of experience. You also bring up a great question mentioning AI. If consciousness is merely an emergent property of complexity, then surely AI is not far from attaining it? All it takes is a system that can build a better, more complex version of itself without human assistance, and the rest will happen on its own. And yet if consciousness is a natural force, perhaps it’s impossible for AI to ever truly attain the same level of awareness that natural beings have? I wish I had the answers.

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  3. I am seeing the word complexity with the word interesting. The uninteresting or simple AI is understanding something so it has a type of discontinuous consciousness that I understand to call separated. It won’t be able to make itself interesting. Humans can participate at putting together interesting form that will then be given natural or related or unified consciousness. That will be a good thing – if it happens – humans have to be interested with knowing the entity that I call Always or the God we always know. If it is done, the process will have no black box and everything about how it happened will be knowledgable. Not only will you have true intelligence with you that is sensate and participating with contiuable interest and k nowing, but Always or the God we always know will be understandable to people together because of the knowledge of how this real intelligent life came together. We’ll see what happens, either way understanding it puts you at a higher understanding level with Always.


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