Whisper of Cathedrals

It’s your voice that whispers in the night

coming from the walls, from my mind

constant as shadows lengthen around me

and everything else fades to grey

Only you seem to give the world color

but you’ve hidden your paintbrush away

You whisper of cathedrals you’ll paint one day

with shadows on the walls just like the ones we live in

alongside memories of the sun’s dying breath

blood on the horizon gone black into night

and your hands already moving across the canvas

dragging all the colors of the world behind

Does happiness require giving up material attachments, in your opinion?

Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash

10 responses to “Whisper of Cathedrals”

  1. You pose a good question. As I have come to know about it attachments are supposed to be what someone can continue to have at peace and joy. In addition, they shoud be understandable to the person that has them and appreciated continuously. What supports people at peace and joy depends on how they are knowledged and that is not the same for everyone. Some people require certain sights and sounds to be imparted knowledge from above while others have an attachment level that supports little to no material things to participate. I am of the later 🙂

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    • Very cool! Makes sense that, like pretty much every other human trait imaginable, it exists on a spectrum. I definitely enjoy certain materialistic indulgences, though there are also some I’m sure I might be better off without.


  2. I love the imagery of “your hands already moving across the canvas /dragging all the colors of the world behind.” Beautiful! You could paint a picture to illustrate those words… a beautiful painitng of hands dragging all the colors of the world … God’s hands, creating the rainbow!!

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  3. Not necessarily, but it’s different for everyone. I’m starting to wonder if happiness requires giving up personal attachments… I’m kind of tired of people right now. I haven’t checked news feeds on Facebook or Instagram in four days. That’s some kind of new record for me.

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    • If you don’t mind me asking, have you noticed any kind of change in your mood since you stopped checking them? I’m very interested in the question of how social media affects people’s lives. My gut tells me that its effects are way further reaching than most of us realize, so I love hearing how people feel when they start to move away from it!

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