Of Summer Air

Down on spiral drafts that smell of madness

into the echoing insanity that lies in wait

surrounded by walls of a tomb once grand

left to steep in memory and shadow

In those halls walk the last of us

who breathed of summer air

and knew winter waited at its end

beyond the slow death that always comes

The last of a skyborn people

who dreamed always of return

and so went searching in the deep

for all the fallen pieces of the stars

Seems to me a lot more people in this world believe in magic than are willing to admit to it. Or maybe it’s the “wrong” kind of magic to them.

13 responses to “Of Summer Air”

  1. People have all kinds of misconceptions of how causation works, and sympathetic magic is one of them. My mom used to say that if she held her mouth just right then things would go her way. IMO, prayer is a form of magic because it attempts by a spell to make events go according to your wishes.

    You may enjoy reading The Golden Bough by James George Frazer. It’s a great expose of superstition.

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    • Thanks for the recommendation! Interesting point about magic and the manifestation of our desires. To some extent, in that by keeping the things you want at the forefront of your mind you will more often continue striving to achieve them, it seems that this type of “magic” works… To some extent.


  2. I “believe” in magic meaning it IS a hyperbowl thing, but it is not interesting meaning not the whole truth is being told there. I agree that with awareness, what you agree to have at the forefront of your attention you will come to see in some reality and see more and more of it relative to your intention. There are a lot of people who agree to see only part of something and agree that they can’t understand completely about things around them and agree that life is a mystery. I do not agree there and instead agree to see and know completely about my interests with those interests being what they can continue to be. This later agreement supports both peace and joy at knowing again and again. Take it easy, Trudy

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    • I’m with you. It feels like a bit of a cop out to learn only part of the truth about something and accept the rest as an unknowable mystery. Maybe that’s just me needing closure, though. It’s why stories of unsolved mysteries captivate me, I think!


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