Inside is the beckoning voice

puppet strings dragging our stiff limbs

across razor wire tightropes strung up on high

A rope ladder to the stars waits for us

if we can find any strength left

to hold against the weight inside

the whispered urge to let go our grip

fall back to a world of slow time

and become a drop in the river

that does not know the flood

It flows to waters far beyond our view

where shadows swim in the light of many moons

a sea of endless sorrow and fathomless joy

where old forgotten gods go to die

What are your thoughts on the occult? I’m Curious what others think.

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

10 responses to “Razors”

  1. If soul substance doesn’t exist, then nothing spiritual is possible. It all depends on your ontological outlook. Science is materialistic; only atomic matter is real. Some psychologists argue for metaphysics, but I don’t think they’ve really thought through what that means. Over two millennia ago, Aristotle said that two unlike kinds of substance cannot interact, that is, soul and matter can’t influence one another. Four hundred years ago, Descartes tried to join spirit and body at the pineal gland in the brain, but of course he was wrong. The best solution, in my opinion, is monistic materialism: only the physical world exists. This entails that the occult is bogus.

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  2. That is such an open-ended question I don’t even know where to begin, so here are some initial thoughts.
    Do I believe in the occult? From my experiences and perspective in life, yes.
    Do I think it can be proven? Not likely.
    Do I think it matters if it cannot be proven? No.
    Am I afraid of it? No
    Do I understand why others are afraid of it? Yes.

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