Woven Ritual

These phantoms come crawling out of shadow

eyes like dead stars, mouths twisted into smiles

ready to take their places for the final act

Slow decay at the edges of madness

hands tight around their own throats

desperate to feel one choking gasp of life

Faint memories of this place from long before

creeping fear as the sun’s light melts away

the darkness full of faces, twisted, leering

mouthing silent magic spells

crafting new rituals to weave into the night

The walls here have known their words

wood soaked with voices of a broken circle

jagged lines pointing all ways into horror

on pathways waiting to swallow new souls

long roads empty after the masters passed this way

When was the last time you changed an opinion you held?

Image by Nick Magwood from Pixabay

2 responses to “Woven Ritual”

  1. That is such a difficult question but definitely an important one! The last time I changed my opinion on something big, like a political stance on an issue, was during the middle of college, which has been a few years ago now. A lot of my smaller opinions (i.e. what is the best _____?) shift constantly. What about you?

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