Collecting Rain

All across these paper landscapes

fading spots of horror leave their mark

despair collecting in rain barrels

stored away in waiting for a voice to speak

one lost in mires of the deepest past

whose words might give life to the dead

Desperation is the song of lost souls

slipping away toward something so far beyond

that even starlight is a distant memory

but the face of Earth is carved deep

in memory of the eyes that have gazed upon it

That indifference to the void

leaves a mark that cannot ever be escaped

One more class on Friday afternoon and I’ll have completed the first semester of my second year of graduate school. It was a damn tough one, especially so considering everything had to be done in a virtual sphere. Glad to be looking ahead to winter break.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

8 responses to “Collecting Rain”

  1. Ah graduate school – I enjoyed the heck out of it, but mostly because so many of us met at cafes after class to talk about what we learned. I hope you can do that before grad school is over. And, enjoyed the poem. Another good thinker.

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