Goodbye Space Ranger

The massive engines roared to life beneath him, and Silas forgot for a moment all of the black thoughts that had urged him to this point. There was only awe in his heart, and every physical sensation was melting together with the engine, his whole body joining with the metal monster in its great leap toward the sky.

Fire in the Sky

A mind lost beneath fire in the sky Stands ready to rave against the coming The stars drone and fall to Earth And the moon cannot bear to watch


A blanket on the world, thick, oppressive
Stars digging their way through the sky
In an effort to reach the surface below


Sometimes, when the sun is in just the right spot, It’s light filters through the leaves Swaying in a gentle breeze In the same way it did when I was young.   I often wish to return to the past. Looking back into memory I see Endless summer days, trips to the coast, Heroic deeds... Continue Reading →

Our Home

Stumble toward the lightReach for itGrasp at sunbeamsThat have traveled empty spaceTo fall upon your outstretched hand.That still have the power to burn.Emerge from shadowFind the world as it once wasBefore the coming of darknessSpinning with chaos and beautyAre they the same thing?Behind you stretches consciousnessAn unbroken stream Rushing to the mountaintops.Beyond you is the... Continue Reading →


Our backs pressed into the grass bent beneath us. Night hid the snow-capped peaks on either side. The sky above was clear—a portal open wide to the heavens. Stars, frozen a million years in the past, held sway over us in their own distant way. Our breath rose in the blackness, a ghostly mist that... Continue Reading →

A Thin Ocean

A world passes by in refracted blurs of color and shadowThis world I inhabit, from which I seek shelterGlass and metal keep out the rain that I love to watch but not feelThe branches high overhead an imperfect rooftop, an old house with rafters full of holesMuted gray light pooling in the spaces between the... Continue Reading →

She Went On

I am awake in this dream worldWhere the days are colored by liquid shadowThe nights sing softly of what lives beyondBehind each door a world of desolation beckonsWindows reflect shades of purple and silverOne walks on, key in hand, searching for the way throughPathways crumble after she has passed overTired eyes mark her stepsCreatures to... Continue Reading →

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