On the Hilltop

Our eyes are shaded from the setting sun

Leaving behind castle halls and long years

we climb this hill, a strange parade

set against the backdrop of a bleeding sky

crying out at the last for a voice to speak

for a storm to break upon this world and swallow it

But the air is silent over our walk into shadow

the only sound rising to meet us from far below

A black mass crawling in the darkness

voices wailing, drenched in anguish

and the crack of their whips overhead

Sorry it’s been a few days since I posted something. I’m back in Washington now until January. I watched The Seventh Seal (1957) the night before I left. It was the second time I’ve seen it, the first being a little over five years ago, my freshman year of college. I don’t think I really got it that first time. It was a pretty movie to look at, but it didn’t resonate with me all that much. This time around was different. Maybe it’s because I watched it near the end of a year filled with fear, disease, and death. Whatever it was, the movie’s unflinching look at mortality struck me in a strange way. Every Ingmar Bergman film I’ve seen so far has been a masterpiece, and The Seventh Seal is no different. The above poem is inspired by the film.

Photo by Sylvain Guiheneuc on Unsplash

7 responses to “On the Hilltop”

  1. Wow you can feel and hear the anguish in this one. Really well done I love it. Didn’t know you headed back in the winter. You will still be in lockdown there too but hopefully you have some family to be with over the holidays. Be careful my friend. Great piece. Love ❤️ J

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