Become Faceless

Become faceless and the dead will pass you by

on their search for hallowed ground to rest upon

lying under passing shadows heavy with secrets

that the dead no longer wish to know

Then the road onward will become clear

the only mystery its destination—

how far goes the winding way through mist and shadow

and what spirits wait along its edge singing siren songs 

calling out to join them there and fade away?

Watched The Big Short today. I don’t remember much from the 2008 crash besides a general feeling of stress in day to day life. It’s scary to see how it all came about, and how out of control everything really was.

Photo by Наталия Котович from Pexels

5 responses to “Become Faceless”

      • I know what you mean. In the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol, someone said to me, “You’ve been saying this is going to happen since he was running in 2016, and people kept calling you an alarmist. Don’t you feel vindicated now?”

        I do not “feel vindicated.” It left me reeling and achingly heartsick.

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  1. Hey Mitch,
    It’s been a minute or two since I’ve been around. I hope that you and yours have been well. I’m trying to get back into the game. You’re still in top form I see. I love the imagery of this piece and given the events in DC…well, it’s a little like the before.
    Perhaps this is the after,

    Cry havoc and the dogs will come
    to shit on ground hallowed by the rest
    To howl secrets whispered by voices from within
    to reject facts they no longer want to believe
    The path they tread is clouded with lies,
    leading beyond sanity to a mysterious destination
    Lunacy wends it’s way through desperation and darkness
    where demons stalk in shadows barking,
    urging them to take up arms against imagined foes

    I’m sick over what I saw. It reminded me of the fall of Saigon that I remember seeing when I was a child. I never imagined that I would see Americans engaging in this kind of behavior, completely disconnected with reality, fact, respect… There are legitimate reasons to ‘storm the gates’, they didn’t have any!

    Whew, I missed reading and reacting to your words!
    Your friend,

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    • Hey Tim, welcome back! I missed reading your take on things. Great poem to capture the moment–I agree, it was beyond scary to watch it all unfold. And to think know that four people died trying to storm the gates to disrupt a ceremony that had no actual effect on much of anything… Four lives thrown away for some manufactured lunacy, all because of a lost election. And these are the same people who told us “you lost, get over it” back in 2016.

      There are times I wonder if the other side has it right, and maybe I’m the crazy one, because how could they not see that they’re being played on every side? Then I see things like what happened yesterday and remember that, no, they really are such nutjobs that they would commit sedition against the US Congress, risk jail time, and actually give up their lives all so they could see four more years of Donald Fucking Trump in the white house… It’s unreal. Satire may actually be dead.

      Anyway, glad to see that you’re getting back into it! I look forward to reading your posts (: Happy New Year!

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