The Unravelling

As I fell toward the black water

reflections of the world reached out to me

shades of color surrounded me

and all was illusion made real

The turning page, the acrid smoke

mountains standing against slow annihilation

thirst and hunger, glory and despair

the warmth of a lover on a cold morning

My hands reached for it all and closed on nothing

fog and shadow rushing past and forgotten

this last and sweetest agony

of a mind unravelled by the fall

I know nobody asked me, but I think critical thinking should be mandatory curriculum for every age level. Education is where the breakdown of a system is either prevented or conceived, and learning how to identify misleading and manipulative information could go all the way in shoring up holes in our reasoning capacities created by the mass output of total BS that has proliferated in the information age.

Photo by Henry & Co. from Pexels

5 responses to “The Unravelling”

  1. Your words echo my thoughts. We have a serious problem in this nation with ignorance, willful ignorance and a willingness to actively ignore or reject fact and reason. Critical thinking is the key but people can’t be expected to engage in it if they can’t, don’t or won’t question what they hear. When my daughter was in high school, I impressed upon her the importance of developing and maintaining a rugged bullshit filter with a fine mesh. I also told her to pay attention to her nose when people try to tell her how things ‘really’ are.
    I think you would like reading ‘The Demon Haunted World’ by Carl Sagan. He addresses that which ails our nation now.
    You still got it kid!


  2. I agree that learning critical thinking should be mandatory at every level of our education system. Sadly, there’s a corporatist Dominionism segment of our public leadership who wants the public only educated enough to be useful cogs in the machinery of the theocratic corporate feudal state. And, critical thinking is the enemy of that goal.

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