The last refuge is written down

ink and blood and wine

on boulevardes through imagination

the sky turned to a looking glass

and standing beneath it 

I long to ascend beyond feeling

nostalgic for a world I’ve never seen

What’s on your mind?

Image by Snapwire on Pexels

2 responses to “Refuge”

  1. That is a bold question to ask my friend! I will start at the top of my mind and share with you my hope that the world, and I mean the people of the world, not just the governments, watched the inauguration ceremony today, and will find in their hearts the patience to allow our country to rectify the damage done in the last four years and the grace to forgive us.
    I hope they will recognize we are better than what was presented for the last four years and will not define us by the last four years.
    I hope that they will allow us to show our better selves, to make amends where needed, and give us the opportunity to establish ourselves as a positive influence in our world.
    I hope that the new administration pursues justice, by bravely holding to account, those who brought us to a dangerous precipice and metes just punishment to them, no matter who they may be. By doing this, they can restore the faith of the people of the world, and America, that America is a land of freedom and justice for all; that we recognize our failings and are unafraid to show that we are perfectly imperfect.

    I could go on, but I won’t… for now.

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