Blink and it’s gone

melted into shadow

or never there in the first place

only a figment lurking beneath bright lights

in the recesses of this city

watching downcast eyes pass by

that try to ignore the concrete tombs lying open

in all the alleyways and boulevards

more alive than the high towers

and windows casting gold into the night

Do y’all listen to any podcasts? What are some of your favorites?

Photo by Nitin Mendekar on Unsplash

6 responses to “Downcast”

  1. One of my favourite podcasts is The Well by Branan Edgens and Anson Mount. It looks deep into the sources of inspiration for creative people such as explorers, artists, inventors, actors and musicians. They haven’t covered a poet yet, but then I’ve a still a lot to catch up on. It’s insightful, deep, inspirational, funny and occasionally sad. But most of all, very honest and human. Check it out at

    Once I’ve finished learning to drive (And pass!) I’ll be trying out a podcast format for my storytelling.

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