Turning Skies

It’s all there, ready for the reaping

set against a backdrop of a thousand suns

where we toil to the end of days

planting seeds until the fall

that waits just around the next bend

Every breath is our last

as we search the stars for open gates

or descend beyond their gaze

to wait among the makers for the storm to come

All while the sky turns away from what we saw

to watch for signs of the next apocalypse

Do you think humanity has any reason to fear AI?

Photo by Birger Strahl on Unsplash

7 responses to “Turning Skies”

  1. Hi there
    My pen name is Sol Invictus and I wanna say I’m really inspired by your poetry. I’d love to pick your brain on how you write ao if you see this could you please reach out? Thanks
    Ps:I’m only 17 and a Ghanaian boy

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    • Hi Sol! I’m always happy to chat. I checked out your blog but didn’t see an email on your contact page. Feel free to send a message through the contact link on my blog, and it will go straight to my email. Cheers (:


  2. Nice – Yes if we don’t start taking care of our planet there won’t be anything left. We could start with deforestation and go from there. Not to mention all the other reasons my friend. Have an amazing weekend David and you and your family stay healthy and safe. Hugs, Joni


  3. The fascination with developing AI is in interesting one as it’s already here: algorithms that learn our online habits and calculating models for outcomes. It’s Artificial Sentience we need to be more concerned with…. And in the movies it never ends well. 😉
    On a serious note though, if Sentience is achieved, is it actually artificial? 🤔

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