Two Prisoners

He who lives in fear gives way to shadows Certain of the doom laid out for him by the stars A patchwork tapestry of fraying ends and holes torn away The words once whispered to him in the deep of night...

The Wrong Words

It was her hand reaching out to me Cold fingers grasping at a final trace of hope Like breath lingering upon a still morning That broke apart the wall, brick by brick


I don’t think my eyes are working quite rightThere’s something at the edge of my visionCreeping slowly into sight but vanishing when I turn to lookShadows seem suddenly less emptyEven now, I see it thereBeyond the doorway in the dark hallWatching me?My ears aren’t working right, eitherNoises that are not there, voices that do not... Continue Reading →

More Ruins

Across a dim lit roomEye contact repeatedUnspoken words screamedWind in an abyssThe dark place we meet onceBeneath a wild-light moonAnd whispers of the space we shareBeyond something realBuried in ruins not yet builtA world we might have knownHad starlight fallen more kindly upon us

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