The Wrong Words

It was her hand reaching out to me Cold fingers grasping at a final trace of hope Like breath lingering upon a still morning That broke apart the wall, brick by brick


I don’t think my eyes are working quite rightThere’s something at the edge of my visionCreeping slowly into sight but vanishing when I turn to lookShadows seem suddenly less emptyEven now, I see it thereBeyond the doorway in the dark hallWatching me?My ears aren’t working right, eitherNoises that are not there, voices that do not... Continue Reading →

More Ruins

Across a dim lit roomEye contact repeatedUnspoken words screamedWind in an abyssThe dark place we meet onceBeneath a wild-light moonAnd whispers of the space we shareBeyond something realBuried in ruins not yet builtA world we might have knownHad starlight fallen more kindly upon us

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