Darkening Day

When the shadow passed overhead, I despairedAlthough it wasn’t as painful as I’d hopedThere was no fanfare to announce its arrivalOnly a slow crawl toward emptiness as the fog grew thickNo warning sounded as the shades darkenedPassion fading to grey ink stains on a tattered membraneCracked shells of hatched memory scattered behind the curtainThis path… Continue reading Darkening Day


Formless void between our mindsEmptiness in which fleeting desire sparks Ignites a signalRipples of light fly outAcross a heaving ocean Never to returnBells toll in a distant landRumbling through alpine valleysCalling to the faithfulReceiving no responseHow the mighty have fallen!Cast down at our feetThey see the void and despair At its touchWearing the crown of thornsLike… Continue reading Further