Taste of Freedom

That time when I was sitting at my desk
The desk I’ve had since I was 17, just after we moved
Looking out my bedroom window
And I saw the approach of night
Clouds chasing by as the atmosphere flowed overhead
Small and dark with the rain they might have held
Streaming across a flower pink sky that quickly darkened to purple
Ahead of a floating mountain range

Sunrise on the Sea of Cortez
A beach beginning to wake
Beside an ocean that never slept
A small group of tired people who pulled themselves from bed
To come out and rise with the world
There was a ship on the horizon, living in tomorrow
And I wondered if they looked toward us

A clap of thunder, and the rain began to fall
Heavy like in the movies
Flooding the garden within seconds
The street running away beneath a small river
I stood out back and let it soak into my soul
Minutes later the sun returned

Every time I turn East instead of West
East into the open world, through the mountain pass
Speeding toward a taste of freedom
Thundering over pavement
My hands pulling me closer to it all
The thought that one day I might not come back.

Original Photography – Instagram @mitchel_ring

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