Death Throes of a Universe

How heavy the empty space lies over heaving ocean
and stars spark together who know nothing of constellations
Clouds of dust a curtain to keep away the periphery
far from the spinning center and so, so much light
casting the shadows of Gods over the sea
The dust they kick up ignites the sky with brief flash
and a darkness that seems to deepen with each extinguished flame
Trails of light painted on a nerve-end canvas
the death throes of a universe burn and fade to black
Waves below drown out the dying of those minute worlds
deafening cries lost to the rise and crash of black water
Beyond the soft rustle of life in trees along the shore
a world offers a soul upon one of many altars
hands pressing upward to take hold of starlight
collect it in a seashell cup and drink in the galaxy
on this seaside cliff where flash the searchlights of another country

Photo by Bess Hamiti from Pexels

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