Light the Way

Flames pulled the inner lining of my threadbare jacket
The only cover on a soul washed raw
A trickle of blood from an injury I never noticed
Washed by rain from my face upturned to the sky.
If not now, wait for the tide to come in
Then hands will close on something darker
Knowledge in veins like the blood of life
Written with ink that fades with the wind
And leaves scars floating in the air as a reminder
Of the shadow that passed over this place.
Even as the footsteps fill with sand,
Trees return to feel the stained soil
Life dares to take a breath in the silence
A future coming is already marked when
Deepest midnight will herald a red dawn
Circle completed and shadows returned.
Then will the walker take rest beneath the branch
Alongside new companions who fill the night with absence
Red fire between them and intoxication in the air
Laughter burning in the flames that fill the trees
To light the way for lost spirits.

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