Light the Way

Flames pulled the inner lining of my threadbare jacket
The only cover on a soul washed raw 
A trickle of blood from an injury I never noticed
Washed by rain from my face upturned to the sky.

Behind Wrought Iron

The weed-choked path through oak forest ruled by elder branch and flowerLeads twisted souls past gate-kept lawn and rolling hill Lakeside dream resting gray and damp beneath iron peakCobbled drive welcoming none and all—come and do not stayHere I await gawking gaze and shrieking laughQuestions unanswered in this ageWhat strange…But why…Hear notes of bending melody... Continue Reading →

If I Could Choose

When I’m near you, I don’t know what to do with my handsOr where to look. If I could choose, I would look nowhere else but at you.When I see you, the words I’ve mulled over for days To make just right are suddenly gone.If I could choose, I would give you my soul to... Continue Reading →

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