Walk Among the Pines

Eyes unblinking in the hollow of a tree
Dead branches reaching out to me
Inside the dusk that breathes through the forest.
Walk among the pines, light like raindrops on silver needles
A nectar not of the gods, forsaken long ago
This mountain buried under time, roots that grew ever deeper
While the world above basked in a dying sun
I stare back into the dead eyes
Back-lit by a break in the coming night
And the ocean swells around this island.
They know Iā€™m here.
This path was laid for me, and now my feet have found it
Tremors of anticipation and the fear I crave
Shivering up from the roots to fill me.
Those eyes, those eyes, those piercing eyes
If only they would move, blink, tremble
Speak to me, here, waiting in the trees
Far, far away from the others
If only they would command me
I would abandon this world I know to memory

Photo by Lum3n.com from Pexels

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