City in the Sky

A city in the sky, melting into the horizon
Nations gather in the harbor, the deep water below
Darkness connecting the world by sand bars and shipping lanes
The rail cars rust in the yard behind steel fences
Highways crumble beneath the wind and rain
The silk road is carved into pages, not stone
And the path to the summit is lost beneath shifting sands.
Waves tower and fall, a life lived in seconds
Crashing finally on some distant, golden shore
And the mountains live in a wash of clouds
Wondering if the sun will shine today.
Harvest fields wither under new snow
Waiting for the spring beyond the long, dark winter
Running from the storm on the horizon
A world devouring itself, to be each day made anew
Beneath unchanging heavens, a watchful gaze
Dust, light, and time is born to pass
While the forest grows old, the trees tall
The path within is choked and forgotten
And travellers searching for the way are lost
Even as their screams echo off the walls
A world opens to swallow them into depths unknown
But the city above lives
And the souls in the clouds look on
The towers rise and do not fall
Streets carved under watchful eye and guiding hand
While the mountain peak sees all
Within a time that works to bring about its end

Original Photography – Instagram @mitchel_ring

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