Master of Ruins

It was only for a breath that I saw you Your shadow passed behind some silhouetted appliance and was gone And the words I meant to say to you sprang out across the chasm With never an inkling chance that you would ever hear them...

Descent through Soundproof Shadow

She paid the ferryman with a gold coin and a lingering glance No other passengers waited to board So he pushed back from the dock into the current Sweeping down to tunnels through the red cliffs And lights deep within of something almost like a city.

Black Curtain

I could listen to your lies forever Give me no glimpse of the truth Shroud me in your black curtains Until words have no meaning

Darkening Day

When the shadow passed overhead, I despairedAlthough it wasn’t as painful as I’d hopedThere was no fanfare to announce its arrivalOnly a slow crawl toward emptiness as the fog grew thickNo warning sounded as the shades darkenedPassion fading to grey ink stains on a tattered membraneCracked shells of hatched memory scattered behind the curtainThis path... Continue Reading →

Symphony of Two

This couch is our throne in shadowSeeping through the open windowsPooling on the carpet and hiding us from the world.It’s too easy to believe in evil at times like this.Melt with me into the nightAnd let us hope we disappear togetherLost to the world—or fleeing it.Who will chase us before the way back is closed?The... Continue Reading →

Hole in the Wall

How long have I been here?The ink shadows have not movedPerhaps they never doIn this light that seeps into the world.I know it does not touch meI am a blank space on the wallA word erased, waiting for the writer to think of a better oneStanding in this hall of concrete.Have I always been here?I... Continue Reading →

Winter Comes

As the world freezes, doorways are opened to a sleeping darkness.Some try to keep hold of the sun’s warmth, but it must melt away,A slow march, time pulling a long night over the worldMarked by a solstice—night of ice and shadow when dread lords walk the EarthWorshipped by followers who cannot see the light beyond... Continue Reading →

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