The Path to Rapture

A doorway empty and charred awaits
Look in and see what you left behind
Forgotten on the path to rapture
The lights stopped working long ago
And now the ruins lay in darkness
So navigate by memory the empty streets
Of this place cold and evergreen
When morning rises to reveal your crime
Turn away from the judgement
With no one left to hand it down
Away from visions of the past
Of ghosts who no longer share your sorrow
Wandering streets where they do not live
In a city only beautiful when it’s behind you

Hope all is well for you today!

Photo by Simon Robben from Pexels

11 responses to “The Path to Rapture”

  1. The last line makes the the whole poem for me. It’s brilliant imagery. I presumed when I posted my last response to your work. I thought it would be proper to ask you if you mind if I spin off on this post. it spawned a counterpoint, somewhat darker and twisted. I’m perfectly fine with a no or an only upon review answer. I don’t want to diminish your work with my mimicry.

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    • Thank you! I actually had the last line pop into my head before I wrote any of the rest of the poem, and built the rest upon it. I can’t imagine any diminishment—I’m honored you would take the time to respond! I’d like to see what it inspires.

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  2. This is so good…and, it would fit well in my book 🙂 If I get to the publishing stage, I’d like to talk to you again about adding it with FULL CREDIT TO YOU. Have a blessed week!

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