The Dream World Above

Lost in translation somewhere along the way 
A message for the weary transformed
Into a deafening cry of solitude
Now we rest our weary heads on bedrock
And our blanket is the pouring rain
Ride on through the dream world above us
In sunlight that scorches blood-soaked lands
The words will come when you can go no further 
Fall to your knees and cry out to the sky
The only sound in a dying landscape
Swallowed whole by blood and sand

If you were given the opportunity to go into space with a surety that you would live out the rest of your life safely, but you could never return to Earth, would you go?

Photo found on Pexels, couldn’t find the photographer’s name.

7 responses to “The Dream World Above”

  1. Wow-Wow-Wow (as usual)–my fave pick: “our blanket is the pouring rain”! “Into space” is not a place I’d go—Heaven, absolutely that’s my secured destination! It’s so nice to be finished with NaNo, so I can have a relaxing read here–and comment 🙂

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  2. Definitely not. Too confining. The wonders of the universe would pale after a while……how long can you look at a beautiful work of art….not forever. I’d miss family. Going for a walk in the woods. Feeling the fresh breeze, the warmth of the sun…the singing of the birds. Nice poem.


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