City of Secret Lights

We descended upon the city of secret lights
With a hunger for the world in our hearts
Chasing the taste of a dream we once had
For a moment passing through catatonia to new sight
Now to to the streets we go in multitudes
Quietly shaping concrete with our footsteps
Searching still for a fragment of what was
And the feeling it left stamped in darkness
Lingering on, a bow across the strings,
Until the city falls into the distance
To revel in what secrets it still keeps hidden—
Away from our hands rooting through caches of light—
The world is smiling, or we are
As we go wandering on to the next happy place
A company of thieves gone out looking for a dream

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Photo by Burst on Pexels

9 responses to “City of Secret Lights”

  1. My life has always been an open book. I take my pleasures when I can, out in the open…….no that’s not quite right,……. I remember reading “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and “Lolita” in secret, way back when I thought reading certain books defined my character to the people who caught me in this act. Now I don’t care I just read books I like and write very,very short stories that I want to write and damn the consequences.

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    • Damn the consequences, indeed. I remember when I first learned how to read poetry, being told that the author and narrator are rarely the same person. I hadn’t yet made that separation. It’s an important thing to realize!


  2. WOW, another remarkable poem–how do you get your inspiration, where does it come from? Guilty pleasures? I don’t allow guilt to consume me anymore–wore it for decades, now I walk in God’s Grace. Doesn’t make me a saint–if I were, I wouldn’t need a Savior. Just sharing–not intending to “preach”. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving! My turkey’s in the oven 🙂

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      • Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mitchel! Oooooh, I must have your specialty recipe for yam casserole…pretty please?! I’m crazy for yams! Please post it for us when you get time 🙂 🙂 ❤


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