Infinite River

Veins filled with holy fire
A light with no creation come alive with the sacrifice
To walk the world it dreamed in childhood
Over empty streets a song is known
Flowing with time out of ancient memory
And sung in shadow by a wretched few
Watchers on the wall sound out the calling
To a world on fire: let flow the infinite river
From mountain springs that pool in obscure places
Mystic truth is buried in the riverbed
Ready for unearthing into new light of day
Here we gather at dusk
The water’s edge reflects our outstretched hands
Fallen on our knees in search of anathema

I usually post early each day, but I was in a massive food coma after dinner last night and couldn’t finish this one until today. Worth it, though. On to Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa!

2 responses to “Infinite River”

  1. The poem sounds like “The Festival” by Lovecraft. Definitely a horror piece. Also Yeats did a poem “The Second Coming” a bit like this (“slouching toward Bethlehem to be born”). Good stuff.

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