There May Be Something to This Writing Thing After All

Is it strange that we living beingsSearch for meaning on silver screens?Or that we scan ink spots printed neatly on paperTo find the truth of our existence?Until I wrote these questions, I didn’t know.Now, my answer is no.Each one of us contains some piece of the truth.Small or large, dim or bright, quiet or deafeningThe… Continue reading There May Be Something to This Writing Thing After All

The Search for Sand

I see a figure standing hereHidden within the shadowed hallHead bowed in grief, consumed by fearForetelling how the world will fall.  Beside them one who laughs at deathSets fire to their solemn soulThe spark is lit and fanned by breathOf hurricanes and rock 'n' roll  'Cross oceans red with rebels' bloodWith sights set on a… Continue reading The Search for Sand